WARNING: new concepts & subliminal imagery at play. May alter thought processes even to the human genome.   Must be at least 13 years of age to view my page

 4DX-3D subliminalist

4DX-3D subliminal portrait

hyperVue VisionQuest in subliminal imagery is self discovery through 4DX-3D subliminal studies. Highlights and shadows transform into subliminal imagery. Seen just above our conscious state, within the "super-conscious", awaiting the "time of unveiling".
  • a subliminal imagery portrait in 4 dimemsions
  • a 4D-3D stereo - subliminal portrait
  • a 4D-3D stereo - subliminal portrait
  • a 4D-3D stereo - subliminal portrait
  • a 4D-3D stereo - subliminal portrait

4Dstereo theory philosophy


4DX-Stereo/Subliminal Art

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    faith of the ancients

    Temple (Per) of the Divine (Neter) in ancient Egypt (Kemet). The great religion of the ages.

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    vision quest charcoal art
    charcoal vision quest

    a charcoal VisionQuest Odyssey in subliminal imagery, discovery of the super-conscious self

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    your message delivered in 1.5 seconds or less - commercial • projects • exhibitions-from $100

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    Divine Smoke

    Neter (Divine) Sentra (Smoke). We call it incense. Used in prayer, gets the Divine’s attention.

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    FREE 13 moon calendar

    1st & only calendar that reveals & celebrates her unique rhythm with colors of music.


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Promotional, experimental, fine arts and beyond.

The art of promotional imagery, from pre to post production, is geared for a multitude of venues, both realtime & virtual.

Combined with the Art of Cognizant Imagery, both conscious & subconscious. Evolves from 3D into a 4th dimensional philosophy.