4DX hyperVue: 3D Stereo Starfield Flythru© michaelm
Willie Nelson See this 4DX hyperVue 3D stereo video - viewer free - No Glasses
Directions: level your eyes on the experimental video and hold a pencil up, just under the image, and about 8" from your nose. Now look at the tip of the pencil and notice the images above. Don't look back at the monitor, rather keep your eyes on the tip and move the pencil slowly tworards or away from you, until you can see 3 images. Then notice the one in the middle.
The center image will sharpen into a 3D Stereo view.
4DX hyperVue, 3D Stereo Starfield Flythru
2011 by michaelm    Music "Dreaming" ©2011 Paul Pesco

I have created a quasi 3D MotionStereo pair from a flat 2D NASA inspired annimation video. By off setting the time of each video: the left video is ahead in time from the right by 02? seconds.

The left set of photons are intersecting with the right on their journey to your opposing eyes. That so called "Interferance Pattern" actually exists in the space between you and the monitor. Yet you don't see it until you view into "TimeSpace", Einstein's 4rth dimension has 3 dimensions of it's own. And hyperVue is the doorway into TimeSpace.
Find more at: www.michaelmTheory.com, my 4D Stereo Subliminal Portraits www.hyperVue.com and www.twitter.com/artistmichaelm

Thanks to PBS, NASA and the Computer Annimation Imaging Team for giving us the very best for such an experiment.

If you find difficuty in resolving the middle image, it generally means you have a stigmatism. The act of hyperVue actually strengthens the eye by forcing the pupil to become perfectly round. The act of hyperVue is an eye exercise and may even cure certain stigmatisms. At least it might downgrade your perscription. So if you feel a strain it’s OK... no pain no gain

michaelm Theory
4DX hyperVue 3D starfield flythru Video

A TemporalSpace linear 3D Video Thought Experiment by michaelm
2 min 55 sec
18.9 mb 800 x 200

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