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A fundamental part of any promotion is the delivery.
From point of purchase to all media.
spacer Your story and delivery must be universal, distinctive and recognizable In all venues, realtime & virtual.
4DX hyperVue

3D Stereo Starfield Flythru

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StráZbick Radio Promo 1

When Photons Collide: in 4DX-3D motion/stereo

3D Stereo 4DXStarfield Flythru No Glasses
musical score by Paul Pesco guitarist “Live from Daryl’s House”

the Welcome Wall & All Asses Created Equal
musical scores by Paul Pesco guitarist “Live from Daryl’s House”

Edible Arraingements & Mac Guys Holiday windows
musical scores by Paul Pesco guitarist “Live from Daryl’s House”

curve JFK Assassination in 4DX-3D Promotional Videos
at your point of purchase venues

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Willie Nelson hyperVue
Green Nutrition 3-D GalaxyTour
Subliminal Charcoal Green Nutrition
Witching Hour
Can Bank Promo multimedia Newport Back Bay
Promotional Video Campaign • Commercial • Educational • Personal

music by and with michaelm
Amazing This Side Of Sanity
Amazing T.S.O.S.

michaelm as preacher
boom boxboom boxboom box Hemp, Hemp, Hooray music
Hemp Hemp Hooray

relegalize today with
Total Devastation

more This Side Of Sanity cool sounds
Enigma Cobalt Blues Bone Yard Remind Me Time Heals Scott's Theme Last Time Christmas

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