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Establish Your Visual Identity with cognizant, conscious & subconscious, artistic design
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All Promotional Print Ads are custom designed for promotion on anything & anywhere... even 3-D Advertising. spacer Any surface can be a print ad. Apparel, housewares, plexiglass, banner material, coffee mugs, infant ware & much more

any one or combination of promotions is guaranteed to increase profits

  Design is key to profits!
From Point of Purchase retail stores to publications and video. As well as online.

   A well placed creative design can affect profits and increase your customer base.

  Almost any surface can considered. Metal, plexiglass, banner material, coffee mugs, apparel of all kinds. Even magnetic signs for your vehicle can be printed on a wide variety of background colors.

  All Designs are custom. Anything is possible, including Advertising in 3-D.

michaelm artist / philosopher
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m song calendar
first & only calendar that reveals & celebrates her living song in 13 moons
spacer M Song Calendar  m song 1 spacer "5 thousand years of silence... her music prays to be heard again" spacer

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NEW... All emblems available on: Posters, Prints, Apparel, Baby, Housewares, Hats, Bags, Stickers, Buttons, Magnets & More!
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Subliminal Charcoal moviehyperVue Order your Sacred "Subliminal Vision Quest" in Charcoal Now!
A Subliminal Odyssey in Imagery & Metaphor... Gifts from the Ancients...
Originals from $100. Archival Prints from $30.
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Check out this music by and with michaelm
michaelm as preacher Amazing T.S.O.S.!
This Side of Sanity, copyright© 2002
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Amazing music boom box Hemp, Hemp, Hooray music Hemp Hemp Hooray relegalize today
michaelm on Total Devastation
underground’s top 100 mp3 5 mb
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The Emperor Wears No Clothes
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$100,000 Challenge: the Book & Companion Hemp Teaching T-Shirt
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