Publicity Kit
A vital tool in advancing your musical career

    Your publicity kit (also called a press kit) is your primary method for catching the attention of A&R reps, newspaper and magazine editors, even concert promoters.

    Busy industry professionals will reject your band at a glance — without even listening to your music.

    Your publicity kit needs to be professional, complete, and eye-catching.

    Both your on-line (web) and traditional (print) publicity kits should be coordinated. In most cases, the same items go into both versions.

    Elements in physical publicity kit: cover letter, binder, cover, photos, bio, press clippings, demo CD.

    Elements in web publicity kit: home page, nav bar, photo gallery, music samples, bio, contact info.


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Artist provides

  • logo
  • photos
  • demo CD
  • band biography
  • press clippings
  • accomplishments
  • contact info
  • online Band Publicity Kit

    Influence A&R / Energize your fan base

    The online Publicity Kit is an essential tool for advancing your music career! A&R reject amateur publicity kits at a glance, without even hearing your music. Both online and physical publicity kits must be professional!

  • piecemeal $200 per page
  • budget $500 for 3 pages
  • special $1000 for 7 pages
  • flash presentation $5000
  • $1000

    7 custom
  • navigation bar
  • home page
  • music sample mp3/RealPlayer
  • pictures
  • bio
  • events & calander
  • accomplishments & clippings
  • contact
  • extras:
  • logo creation
  • flash development
  • master art work
  •     covers & labels for
        jewel case or cardboard sleeve
  • hosting
  • website design
  • flash development
  • An unrefundable deposit of $500.00 must be sent payable to michaelm.
    And balance due two weeks before completion date!

    Send in cash, cashiers check or money order (no personal checks or credit cards)
    Mail to: Band Video c/o michaelm PO Box 12061, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

    For more information or to place an order
    e-mail michaelm or call @ 949 566-0001

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